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Computer Repair Pricing

Computer Repair Information

NEVER Ever let anyone log on to your PC that you don’t personally know. No company offers to log on to check for a problem, these are scams and they are trying to steal your identity!

Do not click on any email that you didn’t request. Norton – Paypal – Amazon – Your Bank – Etc. will not notify you unless you call them to be notified first! Always go to the company’s website for support.

Services & Rates

Our labor is billed at a flat rate, not hourly!

Effective January 2022: Labor Pricing Subject to Change

In-Store Rates: Police, Fire, Military Discount $19.99 on any work!

PC Estimates have always been free, I have never charged for an estimate since 1989, charges occur only when work is performed!

PC – Laptop Check out / Quick Repair: $40.00
Covers Diagnostic Charges and up to 1/2 Hour of Labor, we will troubleshoot any issues and try a quick repair, if additional work is needed, you will need to leave the unit for the flat rate repair charges listed below, or take it back with you if parts need to be ordered. If additional work is required you are not billed for this service, only the flat rate. If the Diagnosis is simple, bad dc jack, bad adapter, blown main board, you typically wont be charged for this service per our free estimate policy.

Non Standard Labor charges: $50.00
Labor Rate Billed if not a Flat Rate Repair Item, IE; Training – Instructions, Help resetting passwords, account recovery, Etc…

Mad Mikes Value Pack: $40.00
Remove old Antivirus, Misc Apps, load Free Antivirus and Tools.

Laptop Checkout Charge: $50.00
Flat Rate to Dis-Assemble, Test components, Perform a Detailed evaluation of your unit. If deemed Uneconomical to repair or too costly, the hard drive will be tested for data and will be left outside of unit to recapture the data at a later time.

Laptop DC Power Jack / Fan Repair: $100.00
Flat Rate Labor, with Standard DC Jack or Fan *Additional Costs for Expensive Jacks or Fans, some units have multiple fans*.

Laptop Service Charge Other: $60.00 – $125.00
Flat Rate Parts not included, Install Screens, Mainboards, Keyboards, Base, Palmrest, HDDs, Etc.. only billed for repairs that are completed.

Build PC with Customers Parts: $100.00 – $150.00
Includes loading OS, Updates, Antivirus-Spyware, Testing, Assembly & Setup.

PC Tune Up / Virus Removal / Reload: $90.00
Includes Updates, Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Anti Malware, Hardware Test, Defrag of Hard Drive, Cleanout Startup areas, and Registry Optimization, Basic Recovery of Data if FAT is blown on Hard Drive, and restore of data.

Expedited Services: $60.00
Repair PC same Day or By next Business day, assuming parts are in stock.

Precautionary Data Backup on Drop off: $45.00
Copy data before initial scan or work to our servers as a precaution of data loss There is no guarantee that data can be saved.

Data Recovery Standard: $75.00
Flat Rate, Recover or Copy Data or Move to new PC, Laptop, external HDD.

Data Recovery Enhanced: $125.00
Flat Rate, Recover Formatted, Deleted or Repartitioned Hard Drives, Some Mechanical failures covered. $25.00 Charge required on drop off even if Unsuccessful. Applies to repair if successful.

Data Recovery Extreme: Quoted
Physical Failure of Drive, Forensics hookup, Backup Data to Media Drive will be shipped out and insured, Court appearance billed additionally.

Competitor Discount: $10.00
Discount for PC brought in from a Competitor.

Phone Support: Free
Call in and ask questions, our Techs are happy to give you a few minutes of our time.

Standard Setup of Computer not Purchased from us: $75.00
Flat Rate, Copy data, Move My Docs, load free Virus tools.

Advanced Computer Setup Email – Import – Move – Configure: $100.00
Flat Rate, PASSWORD, EMAIL Address, Cell Phone is Required. You will need to be here and available to answer security questions possibly.

New or Used Mad Mikes PC setup:  Free
With a Mad Mikes new or used PC, data transfer is usually Free, we also waive any checkout charges of the old unit if replaced from us. Advanced setup will be billed additionally but at a discounted rate.

On Site – Remote Support Rates:

On Site Service normal Business Hours: $150.00
Per hour, + $25.00 Travel Charge, one hour minimum.

Remote Login for Simple Repairs: $40.00
Perform Simple tasks, help with misc issues up to 1/2 Hour

10 Hour Block of Time for Business: $1000.00
Pepaid Flat Rate for 10 Hours, normal Business Hours, no Travel time, Hours Don’t Expire. Must be Prepaid.

Pickup or Delivery: $40.00
Each way, we also work with Uber and Local cab companies that are happy to bring your unit in.

Emergency On Site Server Repairs
Quoted on a case by case, Minimum of $ 500.00 Holidays-Weekends-after hours, Check due on completion.

As the owner of MADMIKES I have been Servicing and selling PC’s and Peripherals since 1989. We have customers ranging from just one PC to customers having hundreds of PC’s. All customers are treated the same regardless of size and our work is guaranteed. We offer different services tailored to customers needs. We can come to your home or business or you can bring the unit to us. The rate to repair the unit if brought to us is significantly less than if we come and repair it onsite, but the choice is yours.
For businesses that need a company that can service them 24 x 7, we offer that too. We really do try our hardest and go the extra mile, if for any reason you are unhappy, I actually give out my cell number to call me personally.

You can text or call me @ 248.943.4751
Thanks for your support and confidence.
“Mad Mike” Michael J. Tusan

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