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NEVER Ever let anyone log on to your PC that you don’t personally know No company offers to logon to check for a problem, these are scams and they are trying to steal your identity!

If your PC got reloaded:

  1. If data retrieval was successful, your old Data will be saved under c:\old, there is a shortcut on the desktop. The main user’s data is copied to my documents and the favorites are also copied. ANY old programs such as Microsoft Office. Will need to be reloaded, only data can be transferred, not applications.
  2. When attempting to open an old Document, if you get the message that Windows doesn’t know what to do with this File and asks you to browse the web or select it from a List, DO NOT *** try it, this is your warning that you must load the application from a CD or Download it. Failure to do so could result in another reload.
  3. If your printer is local and a USB, Do Not Plug it in until you load the CD: Your printer will need to be reloaded, DO NOT PLUG your printer back in to the computer until you load the printer software first, during the install process your software should ask you to connect your printer now. Do so and continue to follow the instructions.

If your PC got a Tune-up, MM Pack, Virus Removal or reload; you need run the tools manually they are not automatic:

  1. Virus Software: We replaced any Existing Versions with a free one unless we were directed not to do so. We use MSE or Defender from Microsoft, it looks like a Green House on the start Bar for Windows 7, if you have 8.1 it looks like a brick wall or Windows 10 a White Shield , The Program acts like a Traffic Signal, Green is go, Orange is Caution and Red means Stop, If it is any Color other than Green just double click on it and follow the Directions. For Windows 8 or 10 you need to open it to see the colors on the Program.
  2. CCleaner is loaded on your PC; it needs to be run manually once a week, Double Click on RED CCleaner Icon, Answer Yes if asked to Run, then Click on the Cleaner button on top Left, Then Click on Run. When it says 100% your done, We recommend that you don’t run the other options
  3. Malware-Bytes: Double Click Malware byes (blue M) on desktop, Answer Yes if asked to run, then Click on Scan tab on left side, make sure THREAT SCAN is checked and click on Start Scan. If you are having more items than usual, you can run the Custom Scan, Click on Custom Scan to highlight it, then Click on Configure Scan, then make sure all boxes are checked, then hit Scan Now. This scan can take over 24Hrs to run.
  4. Team viewer: Double Click on the BLUE icon with two white arrows, this app allows us to connect to your PC for small fixes or to show you something simple. Answer yes if asked, then read us the ID and Password so we can help.

Your Internet Explorer is reset back to factory defaults; all password information may be reset. You may need to redo login information for banking or other password sites. We also load Google Chrome and Firefox, not all browsers work on all Web sites. It is very common to bounce between browsers.

Services & Rates

Effective March 2019 Labor Pricing Subject to Change

In Store Rates: Police Fire Military Discount $19.99 on any work!

PC Estimates have always been free, I have never charged for an estimate since 1989, charges occur only when work is performed!

PC – Laptop Check out / Quick Repair: $25.00
Covers Diagnostic Charges and up to 1/2 Hour of Labor, we will troubleshoot any issues and try a quick repair, if additional work is needed, you will need to leave the unit for the flat rate repair charges listed below, or take it back with you if parts need to be ordered. If additional work is required you are not billed for this service, only the flat rate. If the Diagnosis is simple, bad dc jack, bad adapter, blown main board, you typically wont be charged for this service per our free estimate policy.

Standard Labor Rate per Hour: $39.99
Labor Rate Billed per Hour if not a Flat Rate Repair Item, IE; Training – Instruction.

Rental Charge (if available): $59.99
Rate to rent Laptop while equipment is in out Shop for repair flat rate.

Mad Mikes Value Pack: $29.99
Remove old Antivirus, Misc Apps, load Free Antivirus and Tools.

Laptop Screen Replacement-Cable: $39.99
Flat Rate to Install Most Screens and Cables.

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair: $89.99
Flat Rate Labor, with Standard DC Jack *Additional Costs for Expensive Jacks*.

Laptop Main Board Swap, Repair Fan: $89.99
Flat Rate Parts not included $25.00 labor if non-repairable or Water Damage.

Build PC with Customers Parts: $89.99
Includes loading OS, Updates, Antivirus-Spyware, Testing, Assembly & Setup. Additional $25 or $50.00 for extensive customizations, liquid cooling, Raid.

PC Tune Up / Virus Removal / Reload: $79.99
Includes Updates, Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Anti Malware, Hardware Test, Defrag of Hard Drive, Cleanout Startup areas, and Registry Optimization, Basic Recovery of Data if FAT is blown on Hard Drive, and restore of data.

Expedited Services: $49.99
Repair PC same Day or By next Business day, assuming parts are in stock.

Precautionary Data Backup on Drop off: $19.99
Copy data before initial scan or work to our servers as a precaution of data loss There is no guarantee that data can be saved.

Data Recovery Standard: $54.99
Flat Rate, Recover or Copy Data or Move to new PC, Laptop, external HDD.

Data Recovery Enhanced: $80.00
Flat Rate, Recover Formatted, Deleted or Repartitioned Hard Drives, Some Mechanical failures covered. $10.00 Charge if Unsuccessful.

Data Recovery Extreme: Quoted
Physical Failure of Drive, Forensics hookup, Backup Data to Media Drive will be shipped out and insured, Court appearance billed additionally.

Competitor Discount: $9.00
Discount for PC brought in from a Competitor.

Phone Support: Free
Call in and ask questions, our Techs will give you up to 5 minutes of time.

Copy Data, load Tools, Import Favorites: $54.99
Flat Rate, Copy Entire Drive, Move My Docs, Favorites.

Setup Email – Import – Move – Configure: $54.99
Flat Rate, PASSWORD and EMAIL Address is Required.

New Mad Mikes PC Copy Data: Free
With a Mad Mikes PC data transfer is Free, Email setup Billed @ $37.50.

On Site – Remote support Rates:

On Site Service normal Business Hours: $75.00
Per hour, + $25.00 Travel Charge, one hour minimum.

Remote Login for Simple Repairs: $25.00
Perform Simple tasks, help with misc issues up to 1/2 Hour

10 Hour Block of Time for Business: $500.00
Prepaid Flat Rate for 10 Hours, normal Business Hours, no Travel time, Hrs Don’t Expire

Pickup or Delivery: $25.00

Consulting Charges: $50.00
Per Hour

On Site Server Repair for Business: $100.00
Per hour Standard Times, + $25.00 Travel Charge $150.00 Holidays-Weekends-after hours + $25.00 Travel Charge

For Data Recovery. there is a minimum charge if we cant retrieve your data.
Email Messages may need to be imported by using a third party program that requires a Purchase.

As the owner of MADMIKES I have been Servicing and selling PC’s and Peripherals since 1989. we have customers ranging from just one PC to customers having hundreds of PC’s. All customers are treated the same regardless of size and our work is guaranteed. We offer Different services tailored to customers needs. We can come to your home or business or you can bring the unit to us. The rate to repair the unit if brought in to us is significantly less than if we come and repair it onsite but the choice is yours.

For business’ that need a company that can service them 24 x 7 we offer that too.
We also offer Cell phone Repair, Ipad Repair, Data Backup to Cloud services, call for Pricing

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