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“Why Mad Mikes PCs are The best!!”


Our Guarantee Has No Fine Print

All mad mike’s computer systems are sold with the following guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your mad mike’s PC during the first 30 days after purchase, simply return it for a full refund, or an exchange.

Lifetime Labor Guarantee

Any labor performed on your Mad Mike’s system will be done free of charge. We don’t care if you screwed it up, your kids, or even you’re Grandma. It doesn’t matter. We just fix it, and you usually get your system back within 24 hours. Our labor covers system reloads, and virus removals. All parts that we sell you for your mad mike’s PC are installed for free.

Lifetime Computer System and Parts Satisfaction Guarantee

If your mad mike’s system doesn’t function the same way as when you bought it, we will repair it, exchange it, or refund it for as long as you own your computer. (Parts are covered in accordance with original warranty at time of purchase.)

Monitor Guarantee

All monitors bundled with your mad mike’s PC will have an instant swap warranty. Or if one isn’t available, we will provide a loaner free of charge. (Parts are covered in accordance with original warranty at time of purchase.)

Trade Up Guarantee

All mad mike’s systems will come with a thirty (30) day worry free full credit upgrade to a bigger system. If you decide that you want a bigger box after you get home, bring in the old one, get the new one for only the difference of the new price. This also includes the monitor.

Common Sense Exceptions

  • We are not responsible for your data, BACK IT UP!
  • We only cover our parts that we sell.
  • Physical damage is not covered.
  • Any alterations to your system not done by Mad Mike’s that cause damage or failure will not void the warranty on the system, but it may void the warranty on the Part. You might have to wait for warranty verification from the manufacturer, and of course lifetime labor is still in place.
  • For the trade up, the system or monitor must be in like new condition, and have the original box.
  • All work will be performed at our locations.
  • Software is not guaranteed for life, keep your CD’s as we will not load applications illegally.
  • Network Support is not covered.